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I know, I know, it is still August. But I could not wait to show everyone these adorable Halloween ornaments that just came from Old World Christmas! When we had the Christmas Shop, I never bought Halloween ornaments. But this year, when some of my former Behnke Elves were helping me decide which decorations to order for the online shop, they overwhelmingly pushed me to get some of these spooky ornaments.
I don't know about you, but this is making me consider putting up a Halloween tree. I mean, I have an Easter tree and, of course, a Christmas tree. So why not a Halloween tree? I need to get a branch, some black paint and I will be ready. Wait! I need to get some orange fairy lights and some cobwebs for my new tree.
Do you have a Halloween tree? Do you go all out and decorate for Halloween? If so, please share some photos because it is never too soon to get ideas!
Halloween Old World Ornaments

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