Cotton Candy Clouds By Kristena Kitchen

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Cotton Candy Clouds
It’s here!! Cotton Candy Clouds book launch will be on September 9, 2021! It will also be available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble online and more and we will provide a link here when it is available! If you would like to see a specific store carry our book, or know of an amazing kiddo that could benefit from it, please reach out to ALL proceeds will go to Bryanna’s Love to support the families battling childhood cancer.
Cotton Candy Clouds was created from stories that Kristena told her daughter Bryanna throughout her treatment when she was too sick to get out of bed. Pulling from the amazing strength, love and bravery that Bryanna showed throughout her treatment, Kristena shares a story of a child fighting cancer with amazing grace. This book will encourage children of all ages to use their imagination to help them through difficult times, reminding them that family is always there. Cotton candy clouds are always in the air!
Kristena and her family were long-time customers of Behnke's in Beltsville. Thank you for every one that helped with the Give Kids A Snuggle Fundraiser they had this year. Your support was very much appreciated. ~ Stephanie

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