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For the last few years, we were selling some really nice T-Shirts at the garden center.  On the back would be printed, There is no place like home and on the front, the word HOME is printed out with either the Maryland Crab or the Maryland State Flag. The company we bought them from showed me their newest line of holiday shirts and we decided to feature them in our new online gift store. 

One of the main things I love about these shirts is just how soft they are. Do you know how soft a t-shirt gets after years and years of washing? Well, these guys start out that way. They tend to shrink just a little bit on the first washing but seriously when I took mine out of the dryer, wrinkle-free! I have had mine now for 3 years and it still looks great. They come in all different sizes and shapes and now they even have onesies for the littles in your world. 

I hope after the New Year to add all the different state shirts on our web site but for now, we just have the holiday ones. 

Take time and check them out. They make perfect presents and heck maybe just buy one for yourself. 

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