Easy Care ZZ Plant - Perfect for the Beginning Houseplant Parent

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The "easy to care for" ZZ Plant is perfect for the beginning houseplant parent, and experienced gardeners alike, the structural ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) catches the light with glossy leaves. Grown primarily as a foliage plant, you’ll grow to appreciate the symmetry of the erect, thick, lance-shaped leaves.

ZZ Plant has relaxed requirements about light and water. Give it bright light, or let it fumble along in a low light setting. It will settle in and perform for you either way.

  • Glossy Dark Green Leaves
  • Extremely Easy Care
  • Bright to Low Light Houseplant
  • Tropical Indoor Foliage Plant
  • Air Purifier

Deep within the pot, ZZ Plant grows small, potato-sized rhizomes. What does that mean for you? It means you can go on a nice, long vacation without worrying about this seriously unfussy plant. Water it when you get back. It should be fine. Water it when it gets fully dry. Every other time you water – if you remember – add some plant food to its drink. Just follow the directions on the box. No biggie.

Now, there is a catch. You need to keep pets and kids away from this variety. Don’t eat this plant. It can also cause skin irritation, so be sure to wash your hands after handling it.

Try it in an out-of-the-way corner or spot where it can quietly shine for you. The leaves bounce light off the surface and add a serious amount of gleam. ZZ Plant instantly elevates the tone of your room.
We predict you’ll fall in love with its beautiful form. The pretty foliage really sets this variety off. And it’s really, truly, easy peasy to care for.

ZZ Plants have a medium rate of growth. They won’t become overgrown monsters for you. Instead, they are the “strong, silent” type. Always there to study and appreciate, but never demanding. They just grow and clean benzene, xyolene and toluene from your air.

We have partnered up with Nature Hills Nursery, which is an online shipper of plant material and they carry a selection of houseplants like this ZZ plant.

Of course, I always recommend going directly to your local independent garden center to pick out your plants, but sometimes (very rarely) they just might be out of what you’re wanting, or maybe you are looking for a specialty item.

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