A Visit To Spicknall's Farm Market In Beltsville

Posted by Stephanie Fleming on

Last week I needed to go to Beltsville, so I decided to stop in one of my favorite Farm Markets. Spicknall's has been in Beltsville for as long as I can remember. It is where I would stop on my way home from Behnke's to pick up fresh-picked corn and other vegetables. Of course, when Behnke's was opened, I did not have any reason to put any of their pumpkins or annuals, but I always noticed that everything looked good. I could see that the owners supported local wholesale growers, which made me happy. 
When we were closing Behnke's in 2019, they reached out to us that they were interested in a few of our fixtures along with some of our shopping carts. So, I have to say, with mixed feelings, I pushed that old green cart around this week while I loaded up on a pumpkin, apples, and my main reason for stopping McCouchions Hot Pepper Relish. As you can see in the picture, they also have a great selection of Chrystrumums for sale. Oh, and plenty of BIG and small pumpkins. 
The Granny Smith Apples I bought ended up in a delicious first Apple Pie of the season. I knew I wanted to make a crumb pie, so I decided to check out Pinterest for a new recipe. My mother-in-law, Jane Fleming, has always made the absolute best Apple Crumb Pie that I have tried and tried to copy. I was close this time, not as good as my mother-in-law's, but still good. The recipe I tried was a Dutch Apple Vintage Pie. Even my husband said it was not bad. I should have sliced the apple thinner, but the tartness of the Granny Smiths was perfect! 
I hope the next time you are in or near Beltsville, take some time to check out Spicknall's Farm Market at 12011 Old Gunpowder Road. Give them a call first at 301-937-8288 to check for hours. 

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  • So many happy childhood memories of getting to go to the Spicknal’s farm so mom and dad could get produce. Usually, Mrs. Spicknal was out front and she’d call the cows over so we could pet them!! I ADORED getting to go!!

    Janice Reith Holtzclaw on
  • I knew those carts looked familiar! I noticed them at Spicknall’s not long after you closed, and I wondered if they were Behnke carts :-) Seems fitting, to have a piece of one Beltsville institution still being used at another. :-)

    Catherine on
  • The Spicknals were childhood friends of mine. We Roby Avenue kids (mostly cousins) would drag our sleds to their farm hill at the first good snow! Bobby Spicknal was in my first grade class at Beltsville Elementary. After marrying and moving away from Beltsville for many years, it was like homecoming to stop at the farm stand and hear about what all our old friends had been up to. Thanks for the memories Stephanie.

    Shelley Gosman McNeal on

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