Gold Ceiling Suspended Chandelier Ornament Display Tree.

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For years when we would turn our greenhouse into a Christmas Shop, we had to figure out how to display our ornaments. Our customers needed to easily see them and shop. Along the way, we found these fantastic displays. Once they were up, we were always being asked if we would sell them. At first, we just said no, they are for show only, but as time went on and the demand grew, we decided to have some extra for sale.

This 33" Metal Gold Ceiling Suspended Tree is a beautiful, unique way to add to your holiday décor! A unique alternative to traditional Christmas trees, this gold metal display hangs from your ceiling and, with its simple hook design, easily hangs many of your favorite Christmas ornaments for a beautiful, festive look.

Each level holds 10 ornaments for a total of 30.

Picture below does not include the ornaments 


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