Christian Ulbricht Nutcracker - Autumn King

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This Christian Ulbricht Nutcracker is called the  Autumn King. He is adorned in the warm colors of the Fall season. Perfect for your fireplace or on a desk he is simply beautiful.  Made in Germany. - 14.8"H x 5.5"W x 4.9"D

German Nutcrackers in the shape of Soldiers or Kings have been in use since the 15th century! The unsmiling figures are thought to be lucky, and provide protection for the household as they stand sentry on the mantle. 

A “good” Nutcracker could be made from up to 130 carefully assembled pieces! Originally, the jaws were strong enough to crack walnuts. Today’s Nutcrackers are more decorative

In 1928, Christian Ulbricht’s father Otto founded the Ulbricht‘s Workshop for Fine Wooden Crafts and Toys in the small town Seiffen, in the heart of the Ore Mountains. Although the family moved to the west after the War, in 1990, his son Christian Ulbricht brought the company back to its original home in the Erzgebirge. Today, “the family and their team create traditional wooden art that brings joy to grown-ups and children alike. And in every single piece the spirit of Christmas is alive.”

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