Atlantis Time & Tide Clock

Atlantis Time & Tide Clock

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Being able to view at a glance the position of the tide is crucial to anyone who is dependent on the sea for his activities. The Atlantis Time & Tide Clock indicates the position of the tide in relation to the current time. The red hand on the dial points to “high tide,” low tide,” “after or before low,” “after or before high,” and “half tide. The black hands indicate the current time. The components of this classic time & tide clock are easy to access by unscrewing the bezel of the clock case which is created from solid, forged brass that is hand polished and flawlessly lacquered.

• Solid, forged brass that is hand polished and lacquered.

• Combination quartz time and tide clock movement averages the lunar tide cycle.

• Tide indicator hand is calibrated to the Atlantic lunar tide cycle.

• Note: The clock will work for other tidal bodies of water but will need to be reset more frequently.

• Provided with AA battery

• Instructions and mounting hardware.

• Lifetime warranty on movement.

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