Endurance II 115 Barometer & Thermometer

Endurance II 115 Barometer & Thermometer

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Light, strong and durable, the Endurance II 115 Barometer/Thermometer in brass finish is a two-in-one instrument that conveniently combines barometric pressure and temperature gauges in one location. The barometer at the top of the dial is a holosteric or aneroid type which measures atmospheric pressures mechanically without the use of liquids. The movement is temperature compensated, fully adjustable with inch and millibar scales and is calibrated for altitudes to 3,500 feet above sea level. The thermometer in the lower portion of the dial displays both Farhenheit and Celsius scales.

• Fully adjustable aneroid barometer with inch and millibar scales.

• Calibrated for altitudes of 3,500 feet above sea leve.

• Thermoemter displays both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.

• Maintenance free, ultra-hard finished guaranteed to NEVER tarnish.

• Traditional porthole front opening bezel.

• Wood base in mahogany or black finish available separately (115SM & 115SB).

• Lifetime warranty.