Skipjack Clock and Barometer

Skipjack Clock and Barometer

Weems & Plath

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The Skipjack is a unique desktop combination clock/barometer. Nowhere else will you find a classy instrument like this! Housed in one traditional forged brass case this compact combination clock/barometer swivels 360° horizontally and vertically in a brass, perfectly balanced and integrated gimbal so that on one side is the clock and on the reverse side is the barometer. The gimbal also allows for comfortable viewing from any angle. Because of the unique arrangement of a clock on one side of the brass housing and a barometer on the other, this instrument makes a striking presentation no matter upon which side of the desk you happen to be sitting.

• Combination clock/ barometer swivels 360° horizontally and vertically in a brass gimbal-one side clock, other side is barometer.

• Gimbal allows for comfortable view from any angle.

• Includes N battery.

• Aneroid barometer calibrated for altitudes to 3,500' above sea level.

• Lifetime warranty on finish and movement.