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This fanciful grow kit, with its charming dinosaur-themed packaging, brings a smile as well as everything needed to germinate a tree that has existed on our planet for millions of years — what Darwin has called a "living fossil." Growing these ancient organisms is like taking a ride in a time machine!

About Ginkgo biloba:

Once widely scattered across the face of the globe, the amazing Ginkgo biloba, commonly known as Ginkgo Tree, Golden Fossil Tree, or Maidenhair Tree, is not only a physically beautiful, strikingly-unique, and tenaciously-hardy tree, it is a living link to the remote, prehistoric past.

Of all earth’s plants and creatures, Ginkgo Trees are perhaps the best example of what Charles Darwin called a “Living Fossil.” According to paleobotanists examining the fossil record, Ginkgo Trees have existed on earth for some 270 million years, and Ginkgo bilobamay well be the oldest still-living seed plant on our planet. Today’s “modern” Ginkgo Tree is the sole living representative of a classification of trees (order Ginkgoales, family Ginkgoaceae, genus Ginkgo) that once dominated the planet’s vegetation on all continents. About 7 million years ago the Ginkgo disappeared from the fossil record of North America. It was gone from Europe by about 2.5 million years ago, and remained indigenous only in a small area of central China, wherefrom most of the Ginkgo Trees growing today originated. Europeans became aware of the Ginkgo Tree in the late 1600’s, when it was “discovered” by German botanist Engelbert Kaempfer in the gardens of a Japanese temple.

Ginkgo Trees are considered conifers, and their closest relatives in the tree world are members of the yew family. Even so, Ginkgos up-close are so curious-looking that no other trees really come close to resembling their singular appearance. In fact, no other seed-grown plant at all has leaves that look anything like the Ginkgo’s trademark fans. The tree’s common name, “Maidenhair Tree,” likens its appearance to a graceful fern.

Here’s your chance to plant a living fossil, and a truly beautiful tree!

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